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Greeting & profile of Ohkuraen president
* Born in 1955
* Graduated from Electronic Engineering of Toyo University
in 1977
* Hobby: Listening of Jazz, Classics, Wine, Tennis
* Entered tea business in 1980 but doubted quality
evaluation method of green tea so called sensual test,
then implemented scientific analysis data for tea
evaluation which was the first trial in tea business,
succeeded products commercialization
* Implemented Standing Pouch with zipper (first trial in tea
business) and commercialized
* Recognized our high quality products by major supermarket
in Japan and started business with them
* Commercialized triangular premium tea bag made by nylon,
which proceeded with export of Ohkuraen products
* Number of exported countries were decreased from 8 to
5 due to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster, however, Indonesia and Malaysia are newly added and currently total 7 countries
*Registered "Deep Steamed Green Tea OHKURAEN since 1912"
to challenge export furthermore   
* Quality proved by scientific data, traditional roasting
technique and marvelously fine finish, These are my
great importance in tea manufacturing
* A half century has been passed since I took over
manufacture and sales of Kakegawa deep steamed green tea
from the late proprietor, Continue challenge based on
management motto: Customers love genuine brand at all
times, Genuine brand should be available to customers
all the times.
* My admission is to answer customers who select our green
tea from numerous tea products of numerous tea sellers.
For such customers, I will push forward with my work.
This is my lifework. I hope to be of service to you
again in the future. Thank you,
President of OHKURAEN
Born in 1955
Love jazz and classics but
not like tobacco, Sixty years
old this year, Drink deep
steamed green tea every day
and enjoy its effectiveness
to keep myself in good
health, Intend to convey the
superbness of deep steamed
green tea to people as much
as possible, Hope to be
active all my life

OHKURAEN delivers real Japanese traditional taste.

Traditional Japanese gastro-culture has been diversified over the last eventful centuries.
 Many kinds of tea are popular nowadays; Oolong tea, black tea, herbal tea, and many others. 
The tea world also has been very diversified. However, not being swept along before 
the current of times,
we at OHKURAEN have been making the same very high quality tea steadily
 for almost 100 years.
OHKURAEN has been proceeding with development of "Grade Tea" for 15 years or more.
In addition to sensitive test by skilled tea person, we inspect constituents in tea by analyzing device and according to the data, set tea level, "Grade Tea" , based on strict quality standard.  We have very high reputation from inside and outside of Japan of its stable quality.
According to our motto, "Customers love genuine brand at all times,
Ohkuraen has been producing and delivering the best of best quality
 products to customers with traditional production technology and method."
Our motto:
■ Customers love genuine brand at all times.
 ■ Genuine brand should be available to customers all the time.

OHKURAEN is the registered Trademark for overseas.

Company outline

■Company name
Ohkuraen Co., Ltd.
〒436-0113  901-4 Kakuwa, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken
■TEL No.
■FAX No.
President   Mr. Takashi Inoue
1912  Started tea business
1947  Founded tea company as Marumura Seicha
1969  Renamed to OHKURAEN, started sales of packaged green tea products
1984  Incorporated OHKURAEN Co., Ltd.
         Introduced stand-up tea package with zipper as an originator in the tea
         business world
1995  Introduced NIR tea components analysis machine to evaluate tea quality
1999  Started to indicate harvest season on all tea products
2004  Introduced OHKURAEN's tea products to customers around the world at
         "World Ocha Exhibition 2004"
2005  Installed new machine for triangular pyramid type tea bags
2006, 2007, 2008  Introduced new tea bag series at FOODEX JAPAN and started
         exporting premium tea bags
2009  Trial sales of tea bag series at Overseas Antenna Shops
2010  Started sales of Ohkuraen's products at Hong Kong and Korea
2011  Advanced into New York, Deep steamed green tea of Ohkuraen got high
         reputation at Katagiri, Manhattan
2012  Registered trademark "OHKURAEN" as overseas brand
2017  Installed Clean Room conformed to JISISO Standard Class 6
          Started manufacturing and sales of Millstone Ground Micron Powder Tea
2018   Registered trademark "Deep Steamed Green Tea OHKURAEN since 1912"
2021 Approval of Local HACCAP for Micron Powder Tea, Deep Steamed Green
    Tea and Genmaicha
Tea producction, tea sales for Japan and overseas

Consistant production system

"Sono Okura" start-to-finish production system