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Ms. T.L from U.S.A

Yesterday, Ohkuraen's green tea was at last delivered. Thank you so much.

What a nice thing for me to be able to drink Japanese green tea in the U.S.A. Being born in Yamanashi Pref. next to Shizuoka Pref., I have grown by drinking Shizuoka green tea.

..... We greatly appreciate hearing that you call back your homehown by drinking our green tea. Thank you! (Ohkuraen)


Mr. YC from France

We are enjoying Ohkuraen's 2021 new tea ! It tastes wonderful ! The 88th day tea is really the best I ever had because it is deep and has very good flavors with only a soft bitterness !

Ms. K from Tokyo

I bought VIP tea bag. You do good job, Ohkuraen! I can give your green tea to my friends proudly.

Ms. Y from Shizuoka Ken

I could send new green tea to my mom also this year. My mom is always happy with new green tea. ・・・ Please enjoy our new green tea 2020! (Ohukraen)

Ms. T from Kanagawa Ken

Even under these days, COVID 19 pandemic, I feel really relieved with delicious Japanese green tea.

Ms. B from Shizuoka Ken

As soon as opening package of new green tea 2020, I could catch fresh green tea aroma and when drinking once, my depressed mind due to staying indoors was blown off at once!

Ms. ST in U.S.A.

On the other day, I found Ohkuraen's Summer harvested Sencha Josen in Mitsuwa Market Place. Charmed with the word, "Minister's First Prize for the producing district from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries", I bought and drunk at my home. Amazing!! Wonderful aroma, sweet taste and then bittersweetness. Fantastic! ...... Thank you! from Ohkuraen


Yo san from France

Ohkuraen sent new green tea 2018 to France in this May and received the great E mail below:

"I could enjoy the freshly harvested tea. It's really different from the regular one and it tastes really good. The flavors are so light and delightful !"

Ms. O from Toyama ken

I play tennis. I brought water in the bottle to tennis court previously but recently, have brought Ohkuraen's tea for cold water with ice. I think it more healthy than water only. My body condition is very good!

Mr. Y.C. from France

I actually tasted the Kukicha Gokujo and was really impressed by its "depth" and its "floral" flavors .
I didn't expect such a taste from a Kukicha ! It's a really good tea indeed.  .........Thank you so much from OHKURAEN

Ms. T from Yokohama

A cup of green tea in the morning gives me a high spirits.

Mr. J.S from N.C in U.S.A.

I am traveling right now, so I am doing without my Ohkuraen tea. Always one of the things I look forward to when I get home.

Mr. C.W from Detroit

I have been drinking Ohkuraen's green tea…its very good.
I drink it in the afternoon and my doctor said my good cholesterol is almost perfect…he asked me what I am doing. I think green tea is the root cause because I have family history of cholesterol….but now it's no problem for me.

Ms.I from Kichijoji in Tokyo

"Saijo".....Ideal green tea! It's what I have been looking for!

Ms. J from Shizuoka city

I received "Saijo" from my friend.
What a SWEET green tea!
Tomorrow I will drink it with autumn sweets.

Ms. T from Nagoya

"Reicha Arare Tea" is a standard tea of my family in summer.
It's getting humid day by day.  So, I am making cold tea in the refrigerator.
When my child comes home, he will drink at once!

Impression of new tea 2010 from New York

Regarding the 2010 tea, the smell is extraordinary, even from just
opening the bag.  Once the hot (NOT boiling!) water hits it, it gets even
better.  When I drink it, I take in the beautiful green color in my cup,
then close my eyes, and I picture the scenes from your new website photos.
I feel like I am walking down the rows between the bushes.  It is as if I
can feel the tender new leaves pass under my hands, and feel the sun and
breeze on my face.  Although I am inside, I feel suddenly that I am outside!
Until I reach the bottom of the cup ... So each cup is like a little trip to Kakegawa.

Mr. J.S from New York

I tried OHKURAEN's tea at the exhibition in New York held in this March.
The delightful depth of the flavor, and the wonderful lingering finish, were a most pleasant surprise.
I can hardly wait for my next cup.

Mr. A in Kanagawa

I presented OHKURAEN's tea to my friend before and she liked it so much.
So, let me send them some again.

Ms. O in Izu no Kuni-shi

I always put deep steamed powder tea bags (Morning tea bags) in my bag when I am out.

Mr. T in Sendai

Tea of OHKURAEN is very popular here.
Because friends and acquaintances like OHKURAEN's tea, I present with pleasure.
So, my tea stock will run out soon.

Ms. S in Tokyo

Thank you for sending delicious tea everytime.
My friends and I are fine with OHKURAEN's green tea.
OHKURAEN's tea cheers us!

Ms. V in Russia

OHKURAEN's green tea makes me feel comfortable.

Mr. S in Shikoku

I bought and took home tea from Ohkuraen.
The special taste was the first time for me. It was very deep and differed from the taste which I used to drink in childhood.