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Powder Tea Recipe

Micron Powder Tea Recipe

There are many ideas to enjoy Ohkuraen Micron Powder Tea. Here we introduce the receipes using Houjicha Micron Powder Tea. If you use Micron Powder Green Tea, the amount of ingredients are also the same.
The following are only a part of many cooking methods. We assure a lot of other Powder Tea receipes will be born owing to your fine idea. Let us know them!
* When you drink simply as Houjicha, you need just a half tea spoon (about 1 g) for one cup.

Houjicha Pudding

 Houjicha Micron Power Tea                   2 tsp
 Milk                   300cc
 Sugar                  50g 
(A) Powdered gelatin            5g  
(A) Water                30cc 
 Whip cream              100cc
(To garnish) 
 Whip cream                      small amount
 Houjicha Micron Powder Tea    small amount
<Preparation> Soak the powdered gelatin (A) 5g in the 30cc water for about 10 min. Heat the milk in a pan on the midium heat and turn off the heat right before it starts to boil.
1・In a bowl, mix sugar and Houjicha Micron Powder. Pour the soaked gelatin and warm water. Mix them well to dissolve all.
2・Add whip cream to ① and mix. Pour the mixture to glass bowls. Refrigerate till it becomes firm.
3・Garnish with the soft whip cream and Houjicha Micron Powder on top.

Houjicha Jelly with cream

 Powdered gelatin                                5g
 Sugar                 40g
 Houjicha Micron Powder Tea                2 tsp
 Water                 400cc
(A)Condensed milk               4 tbsp    
(A)Milk                     4 tbsp
1・Put powdered gelatin, sugar and Houjicha Micron Powder in a bowl and mix well. Mixing them well in advance can prevent lumps and makes it easy to dissolve in hot water.
2・Heat the water in a pot and and turn off the heat right before it starts to boil. Add mixture ① and gently stir and let them dissolve.
3・Pour the mixture ② into the desert glasses. Remove the bubbles on the surface. Refrigerate when they cool off.
4・Pour the desirable amount of the mixture of (A).
*It is quite tasty if you add Houjicha Micron Powder to the whip cream for the topping.

Houjicha Ganache

 White chocolate                  4 bars (160g)
 Whip cream            70cc
 Houjicha Micron Powder Tea      2 tsp
<Preparation> Place baking sheet in a container.
1・Chop white chocolate finely.
2・Heat the whip cream in a pan and turn off the heat before it starts to boil. Add Houjicha Micron Powder and mix well.
3・Pour ② into ① and gently stir until the chocolate melts. Pour the mixture into the container and refrigerate for several hours.
*When it starts to firm up, heating the whole container in a water-bath would make the ganache mixed well.
4・When it is firm, cut into desirable sizes and sprinkle with Houjicha Micron Powder.

Houjicha Latte

 Milk                    200cc
 Houjicha Micron Powder Tea                  1 tsp
 Sugar (Honey)                  1 tbsp
 (A) Whip cream            100cc
 (A) Houjicha Micron Powder Tea            2 tsp
1・In a glass, dissolve the Houjicha Micron Powder and sugar or honey in a small amount of milk.
2・Pour the rest of the milk and ice if you desire.
3・Beat the whip cream (A) until stiff peaks form and mix with Houjicha Micron Powder (A). Place the whip cream on the Houjicha latte.

Houjicha White Chocolate Scone

 Bread flour                280g
 Baking powder                    1 tbsp
(A) Egg                  1 pce.
(A) Yogurt                       90g
(A) Sugar                 40g
 Butter                   100g
   Houjicha Micron Powder Tea                1 tbsp
 White chocolate                    2 bars
<Preparation> Preheat oven at 180℃.
1・Mix the ingredients (A) in a bowl.
2・In an another bowl, mix bread flour and baking powder. Mix the small blocks of butter gently by rubbing both hands together until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
3・Put the mixture in the bow l① and mix all together.
4・Once the dough becomes a ball, fold the pieces of smashed white chocolate bars into it.
5・Spread the dough to 2~3cm thick square and cut into triangles by a knife. Place them on a baking sheet. Bake at 180℃ for 30 minutes.

Houjicha Ice Cream

 Egg yolk               2 pcs.     
(A) Sugar                  30g 
  Egg white               2 pcs.
(B) Sugar                30g
 Whip cream               200cc 
 Houjicha Micron Powder Tea                1 tbsp
1・In a bowl, beat the egg yolks and sugar 30g (A) with an electric mixer till the mixture becomes creamy color.
2・In an another bowl, beat the egg whites with the electric mixer on high speed until the mixture becomes ceramy color. Once the color becomes white, add sugar 30g (B) until stiff peaks foam.
3・In an another bowl, beat  the whip ream with the electric mixer on high spead until stiff peaks form. Shift the Houjicha Micron Powder by a tea strainer to add and mix with the whip cream.
4・Gradually blend the meringue ② and the whip cream ③ to the egg york mixture ① alternately about three times.
5・Cover and regrigerate for three hours then stir with a spoon. Then regrigereate for another one hour and stir. Regrigerate once again till it becomes a firm consistency.

Houjicha Cream Dorayaki

☆Pancake mix                  150g
☆Egg                         1 pce.
☆Milk                 100cc
☆(A) Houjicha Micron Powder Tea         2 tsp           
 Whip cream             100cc
 Sugar                10g        
(B) Houjicha Micron Powder Tea            2 tsp
Ready-made sweet bean paste   Proper amount         
1・☆ Use the store bought pancake mix and make small size pankakes for Dorayaki buns. Set aside and let them cool off.
2・Beat the whip cream with sugar until stiff peaks foam. Add the Houjicha Micron Powder (B) and mix roughly.
3・Place the Houjicha cream and ready-made sweet bean paste in between the Dorayaki buns ①.