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About acute diabetes caused by too much drinking of soft drinks

Volume of these soft drinks is 500ml each.
( A pyramid of sugar in front of each soft drink is included in 1L PET bottle. * This picture's bottle is 500mL. )
About sugar included in soft drinks
These are soft drinks close to our daily life.
Please look cube sugar in front of each soft drink.
They are the amount of sugar included in soft drink(1L) .
(1L is approx. amount of daily water drinking value.)
114g sugar included in Coca Cola  (3g cube x 38 pcs.)
111g sugar included in Calpis Water (3g cube x 37 pcs.)
63g sugar included in Pocari Sweat (3g cube x 21 pcs.)
48g sugar included in Aquarius (3g cube x 16 pcs.)
* Artificial sweetner is added instead of sugar in Aquarius.
As shown the above, so much sugar is included in soft drinks.
If you drink soft drinks habitually → Increase of sugar in your blood → Lack of insulin → Temporary increase of blood glucose level (same symptom of DM) → Abnormal thirst → Again drink soft drink in a PET bottle
Such vicious circle may occur and it is said it may cause consciousness fading out.
However, we must drink water in dangerously hot days.
In such days, we would like to supply water without sugar.
We, Japanese, have a habit to drink cold green tea in a hot season. Make cold green tea, put a pinch of salt in your bottle and bring it when you go out. It makes your body healthy and also makes circumstances healthy, then you can live healthy summer. If it is difficult for you to make green tea, you may put a pinch of salt in water of your own bottle.
For your own future, and for our children, we would like to think what we can do NOW, even if it is a very small thing.
For our future!!

SIAL Interfood 2019

SIAL Interfood 2019
SIAL Interfood 2019
We, OHKURAEN, successibly participated in SIAL Interfood 2019 also this year at Jakarta in Indonesia. During four days (11/13-11/16), many visitors visited our booth. Our impression was repeaters were increased on the whole. Some of them bought so many Ohkuraen's products. We really are glad and appreciate them. Some of them minded their health. So, we explained about healty green tea as hard as we could. Thank you so much!!

Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019

Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019
Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019
This year, from July 24 to 27, we participated in Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019 held at International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta. In a land of everlasting summer, Indonesia, people are always friendly and smily-smily. We, Ohkuraen, served Micron Powder green tea and new product, Houjicha Micron Powder tea. They were all well-received. Easy making and genuine cold Japanese tea. Of course there were many visitors who love hot tea. Thank you so much!!

Surabaya Eastfood 2019

Surabaya Eastfood 2019
Surabaya EastFood 2019
Ohkuraen participted in Surabaya EastFood 2019 from June 20 to 23 at Grand City Convention in Surabaya, Indonesia. This is a big Exhibition of Bakery, Herbal & Health Food, Food & Hospitality and Food Ingredients held every year. We've participtaed this exhibition many times and noticed visitors have been increased year by year. It is because, we believe, green tea is tasty and healthy drink, so they love green tea! Thank you!

SIAL Interfood 2018

SIAL Interfood 2018
Exciting opening party
Green tea is good for your health. Right? Of course!
Ohkuraen booth
SIAL Interfood 2018
We participated SIAL Interfood 2018 at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. From Nov. 22. to 25, four days, we served new products, Spring harvested and Sumemr harvested Micron Powder Tea, which have been approved by Indonesian FDA. Including visitors who looked forward to buying our tea, many visitors came and bought both Micron Powder Tea. Thankfully, they were sold out only in the first two days. Our green tea are sold all over Indonesia. Please visit your nearest marketplace. Thank you for your love to our green tea!
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