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Online Shopping in U.S.A

Torrance Store
Good news for the peple looking for authentic Japanese green tea in U.S.A.

You can buy Ohkuraen's Kakegawa Deep Steamed Green Tea at Nijiya Online Market.
Pleae go in the following site and forward to Online Store or contact them.

Ohkuraen's Green Tea is waiting for you!

Online Shopping in France

If you would like to drink authentic Japanese green tea in France, please visit the following website:
"RYOKUCHA" has a complete set of our green tea.
You can order our green tea easily through their website.
Enjoy Japanese taste!

You can get Kakegwa deep steamed green tea at Family Mart in Mongolia.

   At Family Mart in Mongolia, you can buy seven items of OHKURAEN products including Kakegawa deep steamed green tea, Matcha Arare Genmaicha and each type of teabags. 
Many meat plates are served in Mongolian restaurant and those may be stronger taste for some people. So, you might want to drink plain taste drink. Then we recommend you our Japanese green tea. Please visit Family Mart and get Kakegawa deep steamed green tea. We, OHKURAEN, have delivered authentic Kakegawa green tea with confidence to Mongolia.

Stores in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are many stores selling Ohkuraen's tea products:
1. Hero Supermarket
2. Jason Supermarket
3. Ranch's Market
4. Foodhall
5. Grandy Lucky Supermarket
6. Loka Supermarket
7. Rezeki Fruit Store
8. Jakarta Fruit Store
9. All Fresh
10. Total Fruit Store
11. Crrefpir - selected outlet
12. Hypermarket - selected outlet
13. Giant Extra - selected outlet
14. Papaya
15. Setiabudi Supermarket - Bandung
16. Yogya Riau Supermarket - Bandung
17. Hokky Family - Surabaya
18. Pepito Supermarket - Bali
19. Brastagi Supermarket - Madan
20. Ben Supermarket - Medan

More stores in Indonesia

Thank you so much for loving OHKURAEN'S deep steamed green tea.

Stores in Singapore

   In Singapore, stores who sell Ohkuraen Deep Steamed Green Tea have increased:
Isetan:  Scotts
Isetan:  Jurong
NTUC: Bishhanjunction 8
NTUC: Thompson Plaza
At every store you can buy Ohkuraen Products of Deep Steamed Green Tea. Please come and you can meet Japanese taste in Singapore.

Katagiri in New York

KATAGIRI is a long established Japanese food store since 100 years or more ago at 59th Street, between second and third avenue in New York. Since the opening, KATAGIRI has been putting out information of excellent Japanese food and loved by a great number of New Yorkers.
   Custmers coming next by next from morning are men and women, young and elder and from every countries who know authentic products. At this store, KATAGIRI, our deep steamed green tea has catched customer's taste.
   It is our great honor that our best brand Sencha Saijo has been loved by the Japanese Consulate General in New York . Sencha Saijo has been sold here in KATAGIRI. We are deeply touched that New Yorkers who have discerning palate accept our green tea.
    KATAGIRI comes eight items such as "
Sencha Saijo",  "Matcha Arare Genmaicha" and Teabags.
Please try and taste our authentic Japanese green tea.

Mitsuwa Marketplace New Jersey

You can buy  deep steamed Kakegawa green tea fresh from Ohkuraen at Mitsuwa Marketplace located on the west side of the Hudson River, New Jersey in U.S.A. They have a large assortment of Ohkuraen's green tea such as, Deep steamed green tea, Matcha Genmai, Teabags.
   In case you visit Mitsuwa New Jersey, they provides shattle bus from New York. For the details of the shuttle bus, please click
   We've receied many inquiries of Kakegawa green tea from U.S.A. since N.H.K 's "Tameshite Gatten" was televised also in U.S.A.  We can send our products by airmail from Japan but it costs higher.
   Japanese food specialty store, Mitsuwa Marketplace has eight stores in U.S.A.; New Jersey, Chicago, San Jose, Torrance, San Gabriel, Santa Monica, Costa Mesa and San Diego. Please visit one of them and try our authentic Japanese green tea once. 
It will be of our great pleasure if you try our Kakegawa green tea.
You can buy Japanese Kakegawa green tea in Korea. MONO MART is a market place for Japanese food specialty store in Korea. MONO MART comes 1,200 or more kinds of Japanese foods with reasonable price.  Of course, Japanese deep steamed Kakegawa green tea is also sold. The tea maker is Ohkuraen! In all MONO MART in Korea, you can buy. Please visit nearest MONO MART once.