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Micron powder tea, New type of green tea!

10μ fine powder tea made by mortar method from 100% Kakegawa deep steamed green tea, You can taste nice tea only by pouring hot water in your tea cup.

Special mildness just like a handcraft product

Owing to careful operation by mortar machine, not by ballmill or airjet mill, temperature of tea material does not go up. So, original tea taste is not lost.

Amino asid and teanine much included tea leaves

Material is strictly selected tea leaves harvested from April to May bathed in enough soft sunlight!

Also catechine included summer harvested tea leaves

One more material is also strictly selected tea leaves harvested from June to July in strong sunlight!

Component analysis machine renewed to the latest

Main nine components can be analysed and so, quality of products is moreover improved.

Mortar machine introduced in our clean room

Owing to the micron powder ground by motar machine, its taste is mild like Matcha.

Sanitarily produced in empty clean room

Empty clean room is positively pressured by air conditioning system to the steady cleaning level.

Pulse type material filling machine newly introduced

Owing to pulse type high quality filling machine, precisely and sanitary production can be performed.

Packed in a sanitary clean room automatically

Packing is done in a clean room controlled to a steady cleaning leven by pulse type filling machine.

Cleaning of hands before entering clean room

Worker wearing dustproof cloth cleans and sterilizes his hands and fingers before entering clean room.

Workwear is cleaned with adhesivetape for dust removal

Clean room has double entry doors to prevent invation of insects or other contaminants. In addtion, workwear is cleaned with adhesive tape.

Resterilization of hands before touching products

Worker sterilizes his hands again before touching products to prevent bacterial/viurs infection.

Double entry doors structure of material entrance

Material entrance into clean room has double doors and is positively pressured to prevent invation of insects, etc.

Material entrance separated with insect proofing sheet

Material entrance with double doors is also separated with insect proofing sheet. Worker cannot enter either.

Our clean room is class 6 of JIS ISO standard.

Our newly introdued clean room is controlled by air/temperature conditioning equipment assured by international standard.

Season's news

Finish rate 65%!We have been manufacturing Deep Steamed Green Tea Sencha with greatest care. Ohkuraen deliver sweet-smelling authentic green tea to you.

What is finish rate 65%?

We roast tea leaves by spending time and effort to make high grade green tea. Then, fine taste Sencha is made with finish rate 65% which means removed part reaches to 35%.

Finish rate 65% affects tea taste greatly.

By roasting green tea leaves with low flame, teste of Sencha is pulled out and by finishing with 65% rate, deep taste is pulled out. Its taste differs from Aracha taste.

Aracha: Firstly processed tea after new bud plucking

Aracha includes stem, powder, floating leaves, scum of stem.Those parts of tea leaves have various tastes.

Float leaves, stem skins removed for pure sencha taste

Floatleaves and float powder and stem skins which do not suit drinking are removed carefully by tea master.

Powder tea: Powder sorted out for special powder tea

Powder tea is our proud product which has specific deep taste and aroma. Because we want you to taste pure Sencha taste, we sort out the powder part in leaves.

Stem tea: Stems sorted out for stem tea.

Stem tea has specific aroma and taste. It's very popular to expert of tea drinkers.
We want you to enjoy pure Sencha taste. So, we sort out a part of stem.

This is pure Sencha sorted out from Aracha.

Out of green tea leaves, only 13% of Ohkuraen Sencha can be made. Spending time and effort on our green tea manufacturing, we heartly deliver true taste and aroma to you.

We will keep unchanged olden manufacturing style.

Ohkuraen stick to deep steamed green tea manufactured by unchanged style since olden times. Please try once its high esteem value green tea.
Tea fields and cherry blossoms, sunlight and cool breeze…. Kakegawa is surrounded beautiful nature.

Introduction of Japanese Teapot

Shudei Teapot (Orchid) 300cc US$19.00

Shudei teapot, typical of Japanese Tokoname Ware
For deep steamed green tea, Flat filter is attached to the inner side of the spout. Orchid is designed on the pot.

Ryokudei Teapot (Cotton Rose) 320cc US$23.00

Teapot of new color of Tokoname Ware
For deep steamed green tea, Flat filter is attached to the inner side of the spout, Cotton Rose is designed on the pot.

Kokudei Biscuit Ceramic Teapot (Notch) 360cc US$42.00

High rank teapot of Tokoname Biscuit Ware
Delicate work is done at the inner side of the spout as a filter. Small notchings are designed on the surface of the pot.

Kokudei Coloring Ware (Gingko) 360cc US$44.00

High rank teapot of Tokoname coloring Ware
Filter is covered whole inside of the pot. Easy to use, Ginko is designed on the surface.

Kokudei Biscuit Ware (Bush clover) 260cc UD$46.00

High rank teapot of Tokoname Biscuit Ware,
Filter is covered whole inside of the pot. Easy to use, Bush clover is designed on the surface.

Shudei Biscuit Ware Celamic (Sakura) 260cc US$65.00

High rank teapot of Tokoname Biscuit Ware
Delicate work is done at the inner side of the spout as a filter. Cherry blossoms are designed on the surface.

How to order Tokoname Ware Teapot

 Ohkuraen start dealing in Tokoname Ware Teapot for deep steamed green tea so that customers can drink green tea more deliciously.
We've prepared Tokoname ware teapots from typical shudei (red soil) to creative rarities of pottery. If you are particular about teapot, your tea life may be richer.


(Explanation of teapot for deep steamed green tea)
Deep steamed green tea is characterized by its fine leaf size. It is because leaves are steamed longer than the other types of tea. Owing to longer steaming time, the tea has thick and deep taste and rich aroma but if you use normal teapot, fine tea leaves may come out through the spout or sometimes clogging may occur at the filter. To prevent this point, stainless filter is set at the spout or whole inside of the tea pot for deep steamed green tea. Also we prepare high ranked ceramic tea pot. To the inner side of the tea pot, delicate work is done as a filter. So, it is more easy to use.


(How to order)
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Kakegawa city is renowned in Japan for its deeply steamed Fukamushi tea which enjoys an especially long history.
Fukamushi tea has a high reputation of its greenish water color, profound flavour and fresh aftertaste.
OHKURAEN has dealt with Fukamushi tea for approx. 50 years and has been able to get high reputation from customers. We have contracts with tea farmers who have their own tea plantations. Therefore, we have a consistent production system from producer to customer.
We use only Kakegawa tea, never use tea from outside of Kakegawa. Also our plantations
use only Yabukita tea. So, the quality is the finest-class and guaranteed.