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Powder Tea Recipe

Micron Powder Tea Recipe

There are many ideas to enjoy Ohkuraen Micron Powder Tea. The following is only a part of many cooking methods. We assure a lot of other green tea receipes will be born owing to your fine idea. Let us know them!

Yogurt with powder tea

How about the collaboration in Ohkuraen micron powder tea with Yogurt? Lactobacillus and Micron powder tea support your stomack condition well. You can add honey or sugar if you like.

Tea Choco Fondue

Choco-Fondue with Micron powder tea. This time, we used white chocolate. You can enjoy unusual experience by dipping your favorite fruits into this special Tea-choco-fondue. Not too sweet but with moderate bitterness, you will like it!

Matcha Smoothie

Why don't you try Matcha flavored smoothie? Add 1-2 tea spoonfuls of Micron powder tea to your usual smoothie. A very nutritious, something new taste drink will be made.

Micron powder ice tea

Put one spoonful of Micron powder tea into your bottle, add a few cube of ice and shuffle the bottle and you can get beautiful green colored ice tea easily. It's an indispensable drink in the gym.

Green tea au lait

Dissolve one spoonfull micron powder tea in a few hot milk and then pour remaining hot milk into your mug. That's it! You can drink delicious green tea au lait. If you need, you can add sugger.

Green tea cookie

Moderate amount of sugar, flour, butter and olive oil with Ohkuraen micron powder tea. Very delicious green tea cookies are completed. You cannot find them in any bakery. They're your own cookies. Enjoy your tea time!

Ice cream with powder tea

Astringency of Micron powder tea matches any kinds of flavored ice creams. Only by powdering Micron powder tea onto ice cream, you can enjpy higher-grade taste of ice cream, we assure.

Regular hot green tea

Of course you can drink Micron powder tea as a regular hot tea. Depending on your tea cup size, please put in one spoonful or a half-spoonful or 2/3 spoonful Micron powder tea. Add hot water and you can enjoy delicious green tea easily.