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KATAGIRI in New York, U.S.A.

KATAGIRI in New York
At the floor in KATAGIRI
KATAGIRI is a long established Japanese food store since 100 years or more ago at 59th Street, between second and third avenue in New York. Since the opening, KATAGIRI has been putting out information of excellent Japanese food and loved by a great number of New Yorkers.
Custmers coming next by next from morning are men and women, young and elder and from every countries who know authentic products. At this store, KATAGIRI, our deep steamed green tea has catched customer's taste.

It is our great honor that our best brand Sencha Saijo has been loved by the Japanese Consulate General in New York
. Sencha Saijo has been sold here in KATAGIRI. We are deeply touched that New Yorkers who have discerning palate accept our green tea.
 KATAGIRI comes eight items such as "Sencha Saijo",  "Matcha Arare Genmaicha" and Teabags.

Please try and taste our authentic Japanese green tea.

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of NY (2011/2/28-3/1)

Can I try your tea? Of course!
Always smile from Ohkuraen
Ohkuraen participated International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York on 2/28-3/1.
This Show was the second time for us. Same as the last year's Show, many peoples dropped in  our booth. It was hornor for us that some visitors came and tried our tea many times.
We had an actual experience of our motto: Customers love genuine brand at all times

Introduced Kakegawa green tea on NHK TV show! (2011/1/12)

Ranking of lowest percentage of people dying by cancer
Nutrion in Kakegawa deep steamed green tea
Good bacteria kept in intestines with Kakegawa green tea
 The benefit of deep-steamed green tea of Kakegawa city was broadcast nationwide by NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting organization on January 12th, 2011. The program called "Tameshite Gatten!" is broadcasted during prime time from 20:00pm to 20:45pm. The following is part of the contents of the broadcast.
One-third of sickness that leads to death in Japan is cancer.
But, we discovered that there is a city that has a profoundly low percentage of people dying as a result of cancer.
1.The city that has the lowest percentage of dying as a result of cancer
2. The city that spends only 3/4 of the national average medical expenditure per one elderly resident. The elderly people are doing well in this city. 
3. Despite of all the facts above, the city is extremely in short of doctors and admits the city is poor in medical care.
4. The percentage of residents' checkup participation is not necessarily high in this city. The cancer patients do not necessarily find out they have cancers in their early stages.
Ranking of the lowest percentage of people dying because of cancer
We selected the cities that have a population of more than 100,000 and acquired the data from detailed research. The second lowest percentage of people dying of cancer for men and the lowest percentage for women fell into the city of Kakegawa as the lowest percentage holder in general. Because of this researchers started to lay their eyes on this city.
We sent research agents ("Gatten") to Kakegawa that boasts the long lives and low percentage of dying of lifestyle disease.
Currently the city of Kakegawa is involved in a big project to research the secrets of health with the corporation of the local hospitals, universities, and governmental research organizations.
We selected nearly 1,000 citizens of Kakegawa and had them work on the experiment. We acquired results which are closely associated with the everyday lifestyle.
1. A woman who kept drinking green tea everyday during the designated period reduced the amount of saturated fat of 181mg/dl to137mg/dl. She lost about 4 to 5 kilograms in weight.
2. A man who kept drinking green tea everyday during the designated period reduced the amount of saturated fat of 157mg/dl to 122mg/dl. He lost about 4 to 5 kilograms in weight.
The doctor, professor Shinichi  Kuriyama from the University of Tohoku, who conducted the research, was astounded by the data of surprisingly consistent results.
This is the city of Kakegawa!
    Average rainfall about 2,000mlv
    The city used to be a place to stay on the route of Tokaido.
    There is Kakegawa castle.
    Local products: melons, tomatoes, Japanese yams, peanuts, roses 
    Bullet trains stop at Kakegawa station
  ・ There are mountains and beaches. 
Explore the Kakegawa lifestye
Share the whole one day with Grandma Tetsu. 
Grandma Tetsu drinks 15 cups of tea, about 3 litters of green tea in one day.
Many residents of Kakegawa from children to elderlies drink quite a few cups of green tea in one day.
Eye-opening medial facts of city of Kakegawa
Health benefit from the lifestyle.(by Doctor Yoichi Samejima of Kakegawa General Hospital)
1. Death from heart disease is 15% lower than the average percentage of Shizuoka prefecture.
2. Death from cerebrovascular disease is 30% lower than the average percentage of Shizuoka prefecture. 
3. Average of vascular age is five years younger than the other cities.
  4. As a result, there are less diseases that would be costly. (There are less medicines to take.
    Measurement of longevity cost
1. Indexation of cost to gain longevity 
2. The more numbers of elderly people who live healthy lives, the smaller the number of the indexation.
 3. Measuring between the longevity cost and longevity status, Kakegawa boasts of longevity without cost.
Death rate from cancer is low in ranking 
Green tea contains Vitamin C, catechin, theanine, and caffein, and dietary fiber. 
Vitamin C has antioxidative effect. Catechin also has antioxidative effect as well as antibacterial effect and anti dementia effect. Theanine has a pleasant flavor.   Caffein has arousal effect and diuretic effect.
Here is everything about the secret of Kakegawa citizens' health!
We found out the health effect from green tea first time by epidemiological survey and interventional study.
The survey was conducted through everyday lifestyle. We surveyed what would happen to the people who had not drank green tea started to drink green tea regularly and visa versa. 
1. This large scale intervention study was done in Kakegawa city.
2. We have selected 150 women and men both aged above 30 years old who are not in so good condition in regards to cholesterol level, blood pressure, and blood-sugar level. 
3. We studied all the changes after three month experiment with people who are slightly overweight and genuinely overweight
4. We prepared a cup of extracted green tea content, and a cup of imitation green tea with green colored starch content for each group to drink everyday for three months. We studied the result of changes in their health.
5. The group of people who had the real green tea cup reduced the LDL cholesterol level by 9.02mg/dl average. The effect is as good as taking medicine to reduce such amount of LDL cholesterol for a short period.
6. The group of people who had the real green tea cup dropped an average of 1.86cm in the waist. 
7. Specialists were all surprised to know such effect could be brought without any exercises nor any dietary restrictions.
 8. As all of them were prohibited to drink green tea except that which we had provided, the result of the green tea effect was more accurate.

Double Blind Trial
  1. We prepared genuine cups and fake cups. They look the same in shape and color.
  2. The method of experiment is very rigorous. The group of people would not know which cup they were drinking.
3. We examined by the most trustworthy method in the medical field.  4. Green tea is said to have preventive effect against cancer. It is currently under scientific research.
 The health benefit of green tea was manifested by the most trustworthy method of epidemiological survey / interventional trial and double blind trial.
Dr. Benno at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research is at the forefront of science in Japan by examining human feces.
1. More than half of the feces are made of dead intestinal bacteria.
2. You can find out the balance of good and bad bacteria by examining the feces.
3. Having a lot of good bacteria is the key to maintain and promote good health.
4. Lactobacillus bifidus prevents infection and promote immune activity. It is an important bacteria to prevent diseases.
"Gatten" conducted a big experiment in the connection between the intestinal environment and the green tea!
We gave green tea leaves to ten people who don't drink green tea and had them drink plenty of green tea for ten days.
1. We visited one of the people four days later. She had already started to show health benefit. She even felt better right after the meal on the first day.
2. One man started to have a good solid stool after about four days.
He only had 3% of good bacteria at first, but increased to 15 % after 10 days.
3. We discovered one more secret of long life.
The change of 3% to15% means that bacteria increased five times.  It surely shows that the green tea worked to improve the intestinal environment. (From the talk of Dr. Benno at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Examination of ratio of good bacteria
1. Before the experiment, there was a group of people who had many good bacteria and no good bacteria. The average of good bacteria was 16.6% at the beginning. The average increased to 26.1% after 10 days.
2. We found out that when they stop drinking green tea, the average decreased to 17.4%. 
3. The health benefit can be acquired only if you keep drinking green tea regularly.
4. The people drunk 10 to 15 cups of green tea a day in this experiment. But health benefit of green tea is supposed to be acquired with less consumption as well.
Why is Kakegawa green tea so excellent ? Here is the explanation of the difference between the Kakegawa green tea and the other green tea produced in Japan.
1. There was a little tip how Grandma Tetsu drink green tea.
2. If you drink tea with your cup turning around all the time, you can drink all the sediments of green tea leaves on the bottom.
3. If you carefully examine Kakegawa tea, the color is darker green, and small particles flowing around in the cup which soon becomes sediment on the bottom.
4. We examined the filtered sediment of Kakegawa green tea from the bottom of the cup. The following data from the result is unprecedented in the world.
    Beta-carotene that has antioxidant effect: 75.5mg
    Vitamin E that promotes blood circulation and boosting immune function: 0.05mg
    Chlorophyll that promotes intestinal health:1.08mg
・We examined the sediment of 200ml from the cup of Kakegawa green tea. We found out that there are far more ingredients in Kakegawa green tea than the other regular green tea. 
Why is Kakegawa green tea good ? Explanation about green tea made in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka
1. Green tea farm is usually set in gentle-sloping hills. They can absorb plenty of sunshine.
2. To avoid the taste of too much astringency in green tea and make it tastier to drink, the tea leaves are steamed twice as long as usual. That's how the "Kakegawa deep-steamed green tea" is made.
3. If you see Kakegawa green tea leaves through the microscope, you can see the shattered cell wall because of the long steaming process. Because of the shattered cell wall, the nutrients from the cells are easier to be absorbed compared to the regular green tea leaves which cell walls are still surrounding the nutrients.  
4. Kakegawa green tea is good because they are deep steamed. The deep-steamed green tea produced in many other places most likely have the same health benefit. 
5.  The reason why the tea does not have so much astringency despite the deep green color is all the shattered cell walls absorb the catechin and suppress the taste of astringency. 
If all the people in Japan had the same life style of drinking green tea and were healthy like the people in Kakegawa, Japan could save three trillion yen a year on medical expenses!!

Shizuoka Japan Products Festival in Korea (2010/11/1-11/30)

With a charming Korean salesclerk
Lotte is a nice place with high-grade sense.
From 11/1 to 11/30, Shizuoka, Japan, Products Festival has been held at Lotte Department Store in Seoul, Korea. OHKURAEN's tea has good reputation also in Korea. Korean recognized flavor, aroma and taste of our green tea. Tourists from Japan were also pleased with our green tea, saying "How lucky we can drink Kakegawa tea in Seoul!"
Please visit B1 Food Floor of Lotte Department Main Store in Seoul and try OHKURAEN's green tea!

This year's last campaign at Tokyu Dept. in Kichijoji (11/18-11/24)

Which tea do you like?
Charming tea can is good for present.
Time flies. Soon comes December. This year's last green tea campaign has been held at Tokyu Department store in Kichijoji, Tokyo.  Thank you for coming many customers. They say hot green tea is the best in cold day. Please take care of your health with green tea also in next year!