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Participated "FOOD TAIPEI 2011" (2011/6/27)

With staff
Visitors to Japan pavilion
Visitors to OHKURAEN booth
 OHKURAEN participated FOOD TAIPEI 2011 held at Taipei, Taiwan from 6/22 to 6/25 as a member of JETRO. Through 4 days of exhibition visitors were total 50,460 people; 45,310 from inside Taiwan and 5,150 from outside Taiwan. We would like to thank visitors to OHKURAEN's booth..

First we hesitated to participate in Exhibition because demand of Japanese agricaltural products from overseas customers  has been decreased because of radioactive influence due to Fukushima Daiichi Atomic plant accident.  Because of influence of rumor, we had misgivings that visitors might have ignore us. However we knew our anxiety was groundless. Large crowd of visitors came to Japan Pavilion every day. Of course to our booth, many visitors came and we made over 1,000 cups of green tea per day for them.

We are relieved to know that Japanese products are stil popular and thriving. OHKURAEN has been preparing to ship our products to Taiwan. From August, Kakegawa deep steamed green tea will be sold in Taiwan. We heartily thank Taiwanese who love Japanese products.

Thank you Taiwanese all!
We can do it, Japan!

Shining green tea buds with spring rain (2011/4/25)

Green tea field changes deep green.
New green tea buds growing all together with rain
Soft new buds changes deep green.
New green tea buds are shining with spring rain. How beautiful they are!  There are unique beautiful sceneries in each season in Japan. Time of the new green tea season is one of them. On May 2 of this year, specially tasty tea products will be made. We are very happy to deliver our new green tea products.
Please wait for a moment.

Growing new green tea buds (2011/4/20)

Thanks for blessing of nature
4cm-5cm length of new buds
5cm-6cm in the morning sunlight
Because of low temperature in March and coldness of mornings and evenings in April, growth of new green tea buds is a week or so behind.  There is no damage due to frost currently. If temperature is increasing day by day without problem, tasty new green tea will be expected as usual. However, it is not clear if we can pick up new buds before Golden Week (5/2). 
If small new buds are picked unnaturally hastily, tasty green tea products can not be made. We will wait for the growth of new green tea buds carefully.
 Please wait for a while for deep steamed new green tea in KAKEGAWA. 
 We will be pleased to announce as soon as the products are prepared.

MONO MART in Korea

MONO MART in Soeul
At MONO MART floor
You can buy Japanese Kakegawa green tea in Korea. MONO MART is a market place for Japanese food specialty store in Korea. MONO MART comes 1,200 or more kinds of Japanese foods with reasonable price.  Of course, Japanese deep steamed Kakegawa green tea is also sold. The tea maker is Ohkuraen! In all MONO MART in Korea, you can buy. Please visit nearest MONO MART once.

Mitsuwa New Jersey in U.S.A.

Mitsuwa, New Jersey
At the floor in Mitsuwa
 You can buy  deep steamed Kakegawa green tea fresh from Ohkuraen at Mitsuwa Marketplace located on the west side of the Hudson River, New Jersey in U.S.A. They have a large assortment of Ohkuraen's green tea such as, Deep steamed green tea, Matcha Genmai, Teabags.
In case you visit Mitsuwa New Jersey, they provides shattle bus from New York. For the details of the shuttle bus, please click here.
We've receied many inquiries of Kakegawa green tea from U.S.A. since N.H.K 's "Tameshite Gatten" was televised also in U.S.A.  We can send our products by airmail from Japan but it costs higher.
Japanese food specialty store, Mitsuwa Marketplace has eight stores in U.S.A.; New Jersey, Chicago, San Jose, Torrance, San Gabriel, Santa Monica, Costa Mesa and San Diego. Please visit one of them and try our authentic Japanese green tea once.
For the people living in a distant place, Mitsuwa prepares online shopping.
It will be of our great pleasure if you try our Kakegawa green tea.