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Studies suggest that green tea may have additional benefits for healthy brains

This is a summary of an article reported on Japanese evening newspaper.
New studies show that components of green tea might prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to an article printed in the Mainichi Newspaper August 23, 2012. According to the progress observed in this study, components of green tea might help combat Alzheimer’s disease. The study also suggests that researchers might find other benefits from components of green tea for improving mental health and lessening the risk of dementia. Following is an outline of the original newspaper story.
Professor Toru Hasegawa, Professor Emeritus of Saga Women’s Junior College, has observed that the ratio of Alzheimer’s disease is smaller in green tea drinkers. Significantly, he also found that the concentration in their blood of homocysteic acid was lower. Homocysteine can behave as a kind of “evil amino acid” when it is changed to homocysteic acid by various stress factors. Recent findings suggest that individuals with elevated homocysteine levels are at increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Discharge of homocysteic acid from kidney becomes worse in person of advanced age and its concentration in blood increases.
Professor Hasegawa, therefore, tried adding green tea leaves to the meals for six patients of Alzheimer’s disease for one month. Afterward, he found that the concentration of homocysteic acid in their blood decreased, and their recognition function showed improvement. …
In 2011, a story broadcast on NHK TV noted that Kakegawa Fukamushi green tea could be one reason why people from Kakegawa live longer lives. These reports further confirm our belief that green tea is so good for our health.
 Enjoy green tea and experience the health benefits—which these studies indicate may include longer life and better mental health.

Participated in Food Taipei 2012

Eager to learn Japanese green tea, Thanks!
Japan pavillion is always bustling.
Ohkuraen's staff
OHKURAEN participated "FOOD TAIPEI 2012"  from 6/27 to 6/30 continually from the participation in last year.
Last year, we felt the bad influence from rumor caused by the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. However, this year, there was no bad atmosphere, instead, we could feel great customer's interest to Japanese products the same as before. During four days, 61,042 visitors attended four linked Food Shows including FOOD TAIPEI 2012. In OHKURAEN'S booth, total approx. 3,000 visitors came and we served Kakegawa deep steamed green tea to introduce Japanese healthy authentic green tea. In Taiwan as well as in the other countries, concern about health is increased and they are interested in green tea. Wide range people from younger generation to elder generation tried our green tea. We will cooperate with stores in Taiwan to deliver OHKURAEN's tea so that many Taiwanese enjoy our tea.

Thank for Taiwanese. We will do our efforts continuously to deliver OHKURAEN's healthy and quality green tea to Taiwan.

Let's make cold green tea with your tea leaves.

Put 20g green tea leaves into a pot and pour 1L soft water.
Cool down in the refregerator.
Through tea strainer, pour into a glass server.

【Necessary tools】
1. Glass pot ・・・ 1 pce.
2. Glass server ・・・1 pce.
3. Tea strainer  ・・・ 1 pce.
4. Water ・・・ 1 liter (quart)  (Soft water ; Better if water is filtered with purification device. )  
  *Hard water is not recommended because tea taste becomes bitter.
5. Spring harvested Sencha SAIJO ・・・20g (approx. 10 teaspoonfuls)

【How to make cold green tea】
1. Put 20g (approx. 10 teaspoonfuls) of green tea leaves into glass pot.
2. Pour one liter  (quart) of soft water into the glass pot.
3.Stir with a stick and put the glass pot into the refrigerator.
4. Wait for about 6 hours.
5. After taking out the pot, stir with the stick again.
6. Using a tea strainer, pour the cold tea into a glass server.

Authentic cold green tea
1. Deep, sweet and delicate taste are all extracted. You can taste special cold green tea.
2. When you would like to drink good taste cold green tea with Sencha, wait patiently for
at least 6 hours.  (Do not use ice cubes to cool the tea.) Then you can drink special taste
green tea which differs instant green tea.

If you know the real taste once, you may not forget it.
Please try once and make your own taste.

Ohkuraen, President

Participated in "Japanese Food Exhibition in Hong Kong" (2012/3/2~5)

Minister of MAFF visited our booth.
Ministry of Agricalture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan held "Japanese Food Exhibition in Hong Kong" from 3/2 - 3/5 at Convention & Exhibition Centre as part of encouragement  for Japanese foods.
Performing art of Fukushima "Reizan Daiko" put enthusiasum into the people gathered at the exhibition.
Even we, Japanese, were moved by honesty, patience and powerful sprit of Tohoku people through the performance of "Reizan Daiko".

Ohkuraen participated in this Exhibition and served Kakegawa deep steamed green tea to Hong Kong people. They were pleased with our Japanese green tea.  We will be able to deliver safe new green tea of 2012 in May. Please wait for a while.

Thank you for people in Hong Kong!
Pray & Hope for JAPAN!

Participated ANUGA 2011 held at Cologne (2011/10/8~12)

How about the taste of Japanese green tea?
Many visitors to Messe

Ohkuraen participated ANUGA 2011 held at Cologne in Germany from 10/8 to 10/12. This exhibition is held once two years and is one of the biggest food fair in the world. Our booth was a part of JETRO JAPAN PAVILION and we introduced Kakegawa Ohkuraen deep steamed green tea. During five days, 180 countries, 155,000 visitors attended to this fair. Exhibitors were approx. 6,600 companies from 100 countries. For us, it was the second trial to join ANUGA. This time we especially explained safety of Japanese foods so that rumors of radioactivity effect caused by Fukushima Daiichi Accident could be removed from Japanese foods.

Furthermore, we introduced the news that Kakegawa tea was printed in Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in October, 2010. The fact was that medical expense of Kakegawa people who drink deep steamed green tea was 25% less than average medical expense of Japanese people and there were many healthy and long-lived people in Kakegawa. Visitors eagerly listened explanation of Kakegawa tea. Kakegawa green tea which has deep and sweet taste with profound aroma was very popular among the visitors in ANUGA.

 We will proceed to deliver our safe green tea to Europe and other countries so that people in the world can enjoy our high quality green tea.