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Participated in FOOD, HOTEL & TOURISM BALI 2014

Visitors lined up at Exhibition Center
People liked Ohkuraen green tea so much!
OHKURAEN participated in FOOD, HOTEL & TOURISM BALI 2014 held at Bali in Indonesia from 3/6 to 3/8, 2014. This participation in Indonesian Food Exhibition became the fourth time for us continued from "FOOD & HOTEL INDONESIA 2013", "EAST FOOD INDONESIA 2013" and "INTER FOOD INDONESIA 2013".
Greatly supported by sole import agent in Indonesia, our products are to be sold all over Indonesia.
You can find Ohkuraen's deep steamed green tea at Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and others. Please enjoy Japanese Kakegawa green tea at resort island in Indonesia.

Food & Hotel Malaysia 2013

FHM 2013 Japan booth flag
Many visitors at Hall Entrance
Ohkuraen booth
OHKURAEN participated in Food & Hotel Malaysia 2013 from 9/17 to 9/20 held in Kuala Lumpul, Malaysia. We introduced Kakegawa Deep Steamed Green Tea at the booth in Japan Pavilion supported by JETRO.
Population of Malaysia is 29 million, one fourth of Japan. Because price is low, there are many Japanese visitors and also immigrants who intend to live their life after retired.
Japanese tea is not popular yet in Malaysia. So, we will willingly introduce our good taste Japanese green tea as well as the fact that green tea is good for the health from now on.

Inter Food Indonesia 2013

OHKURAEN participated in INTER FOOD INDONESIA 2013 from 8/23 to 8/31 held in Jakaruta. This was the second time Exhibition of this year for us in Jakarta, Indonesia following "FOOD & HOTEL INDONESIA 2013" held in April. Also in this INTERFOOD INDONESIA 2013, our Kakegawa green tea was gratefully sold out. Visitors confirmed taste and aroma and then bought our green tea. We really thanked for them.
We will continuously develop Deep Steamed Green Tea, 100% made in Kakegawa, Japan.

East Food Indonesia 2013

People in Surabaya like Ohkuraen's green tea so much!
So many questions and interest to our green tea
Listening impression of our green tea
OHKURAEN participated in East Food Indonesia 2013 from 6/13 to 6/16. This exhibition was held in Surabaya which is the second big city in Indonesia. Here in Surabaya, in the same way as Jakaruta, people like OHKURAEN's green tea very much and fortunately they bought our tea so many. Our products are imported goods for them and not cheap, it was our concern. However, they understood taste, aroma and color of our green tea. We heartily appreciate them. We will continue to make high quality green tea for the people who like our green tea.

Participated in Food and Hotel Indonesia 2013

Great success with many visitors
Many customers bought our green tea.
Good staff in Ohkuraen's booth
OHKURAEN participated in “FOOD & HOTEL INDONESIA 2013” from 4/10 to 4/13 held at the biggest city Jakarta in Indonesia. People in Jakarta experienced our deep steamed green tea and there, OHKURAEN’s green tea won high praise owing to its deep and sweet taste with refreshing aroma. Happy to say, a lot of people bought OHKURAEN’s deep steamed green tea.
It was a great start for us to expand authentic Japanese green tea to Indonesia with our Indonesian partner. In June we will participate an exhibition also in Surabaya. We really hope that people in Surabaya and Bali would also like our green tea.