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Participated in Food & Hotel Indonesia 2015

People entering to the Exhibition center
Lively Exhibition scene
In front of Ohkuraen's booth

From 4/15 to 4/18, Ohkuraen participated in Food & Hotel Indonesia 2015 held in Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. This is the second time participation  in Food & Hotel Indonesia for us. We participated in Food Exhibition held in Indonesia for seven times in total. To the Exhibition booth of Ohkuraen, many customers including regular customers visited. We felt OHKURAEN® Green Tea was firmly established in Indonesia. We would like to appreciate it again. Also, marketplaces which sell OHURAEN® Green Tea are increased accordingly.  We thank you in Indonesia so much.
Japanese green tea is very good for your health. If this information spreads to the world, we are so glad.


Participated in INTERFOOD INDONESIA 2014

Interfood Indonesia 2014 from 11/12 to 11/15
Large crowd of onlookers in front of Ohkuraen booth
Presentation by Ohkuraen's president
Again this year, Ohkuraen participated in INTERFOOD INDONESIA 2014 held in Jakarta from 11/12 to 11/15.  This is the sixth participation in exhibition held in Indonesia for us.

We exhibited Ohkuraen Deep Steamed Kakegawa Green Tea. During four days, many many visitors came in our booth every day. About 1,000 cold green tea cups of samples we made and served. We greatly appreciate customers who are greatly interested in green tea.
Also it is a honor for us that a customer who had bought Ohkuraen's deep steamed green tea because of its high and deep taste and also thick and sweet bought again many kinds of our products including cold tea, sencha, genmaicha.
We are so glad because the taste of deep steamed  "OHKURAEN® Green Tea" is going to be established firmly in Indonesia little by little.


Kakegawa deep steamed green tea got 2014 Minister's First Prize for producing district!

Deep steamed green tea SENCHA the best
Deep steamed green tea KUKICHA: High scarcity value
Deep steamed green tea POWDER tea : High scarcity value
68th All Japan Green Tea Competitive Show was held at Miyazaki in Kyushu on Aug. 29, 2014. We, Kakegawa city, got the Minister's First Prize for producing district from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries also this year. This prize is eighteen times for us for the last ten conservative years. In this Competitive Show, 7 tea sorts, 8 categories, 827 items from eighteen prefectures were entered. We are so glad to have gotten this award among such big competitors. We can say we accomplished a splendid achivement. 

Participated in EAST FOOD INDONESIA 2014

Many customers visited to our booth.
Very special questions were got from visitors.
Ohkuraen's products in supermarket of Surabaya
From June 19 to 22, Ohkuraen participated in EAST FOOD INDONESIA 2014 at Surabaya which is the second big city in Indonesia. This participation was the second time for us followed by the last year's exhibition. Customer's response was bigger than that of the last year's exhibiton and many Ohkuraen's  products were sold.  We really thank the customers in Indonesia.
This was the fifth participation in Indonesian Exhibiton for Ohkuraen. Every time we participated, higher response for deep steamed green tea could be got from visitors. This time we got many inquiries of business type products. When you visit to Jakarta, Bali or Surabaya for sightseeing, you may drink Ohkuraen's green tea in the local resraurant. It seems that Indonesian people are getting to know day by day the Kakegawa Ohkuraen's deep steamed green tea which has good aftertaste and rich aroma.

OHKURAEN's tea in hyper market, super market and local market in Indonesia

Lined up Ohkuraen's green tea series in the market
Lined up Ohkuraen's green tea series in the market
Lined up Ohkuraen's green tea series in the market
OHKURAEN's green tea products have been sold in all over Indonesia. You can get our deep steamed green tea at hyper market, surper market or local super market in Jakarta, Surabaya and also Bali.
Owing to growing health care in developing South- East Asia, effect of green tea has been well known by people. Also, probably Ohkuraen's deep steamed green tea which has refreshing aftertaste suit Indonesian taste. We really appreciate customers who drink our green tea. We are so glad to know that Kakegawa deep steamed green tea become well known widely in the world.