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Look at new green tea color!(2010/5/8)

Look at our new green tea color.
Although quality of new green tea was anticipated due to damage of frost and low temperature, new green tea has been made up ideal product: taste, flavor and water color.
New green tea leaves are very soft. So, do not use boiling water, please.
80℃-85℃ is suitable. You can enjoy profound aroma and depth and sweetness of new buds. 

◆New tea picked up on 88th day:  100g US$25.00 (S.R.P)

■ Please contact us. :

New green tea products of 2010 (2010/5/6)

New green tea picked up on 88th day
New stem tea
New powdered tea
OHKURAEN's new green tea products of 2010 have been made at last.
Due to frost and low temperature damage, growing of new buds had been anticiapted but owing to the recent fine days, tea garden is recovered.
We've made new green tea products here.
Please try the taste of 2010.
Also, stem tea and powdered tea of new green leaves which can be got only at this time of the year have been made. The quantities of these products are limited.
If you need, please contact us to the following address beforehand.


New tea leaves picked up at last!(2010/5/2)

Now at last, we can pick up new green tea leaves.
New tea leaves are picked one by one carefully.
Then we will be able to deliver new green tea products to you.

New tea buds growing (2010/4/20)

I went to green tea field last Sunday.
New green tea buds were growing!
Yellowish green leaves were very beautiful.
New green tea products will be soon delivered to you.

New green tea leaves in Japan (2010/4/16)

This year, it is still cold in Japan.
Normally we can find new light green tea buds here in Shizuoka Pref. in this season but due to cold weather in the end of March, new buds are delayed.
So, delivery  of new green tea may be the end of Golden Week (GW = 4/29-5/5).
Funs of Ohkuraen who are waiting for new Kakegawa green tea, please be patient  for a while.
Maybe, we can deliver new green tea in the mid. of May with reasonable price.
Rice planting in the field starts near Ohkuraen.
Early summer sunlight will come soon!