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Demonstration of OHKURAEN'S green tea in Tokyo (2010/7/15-21)

From 7/15 to 7/21, demonstration of OHKURAEN's green tea has been held at Tokyu Departmentstore in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan.
Rainy season has ended and dry summer has come to Japan.
People seem like Reicha Arare and Reicha Sencha in hot summer. Drinking green tea which has enough vitamin C is good for health. It makes well-water-balanced physique.

Exhibited in World Tea & Home Deco Festival 2010 in Korea (2010/7/1-4)

World Tea & Home Deco Festival 2010 was held from July 1 to 4 at Kimdaejung Covention Center in Korea.
OHKURAEN was invited and exhibited our green tea. At opening ceremony, our president participated tape cutting as a representative of Japan.
Many participants visited our booth. They liked our Sencha, especially Reicha because of this hot season.
Also we received a lot of inquiries for "World Tea Festival 2010" to be held in October in Japan.
Thank you for tea lovers of OHKURAEN and persons in concerned.

Message of new green tea 2010 from New York(2010/5/21)

Although this is also introduced in "VOICE OF CUSTOMERS", because we would like to share this message with many tea lovers as possible, let us include here:

Regarding the 2010 tea, the smell is extraordinary, even from just
opening the bag.  Once the hot (NOT boiling!) water hits it, it gets even
better.  When I drink it, I take in the beautiful green color in my cup,
then close my eyes, and I picture the scenes from your new website photos.
I feel like I am walking down the rows between the bushes.  It is as if I
can feel the tender new leaves pass under my hands, and feel the sun and
breeze on my face.  Although I am inside, I feel suddenly that I am outside!
Until I reach the bottom of the cup ... So each cup is like a little trip to Kakegawa. 

"Seoul Food & Hotel 2010" finished successfully (2010/5/15)

Exhibition in Korea, "Seoul Food & Hotel 2010", was finished successfully.
Approx. 42,000 participants were visited in four days.
In our booth, 2,000 visitors tried our green tea.
Most popular tea was "Reicha Arare Tea Bag".
Now hot summer will come soon.
Please try OHKURAEN's real cold green tea as Korean recognized!

Nice! Korian people also recognize taste of OHKURAEN's tea (2010/5/13)

OHKURAEN is participating in "Seoul Food & Hotel 2010"  ( May 12  -  May 15, 2010)
 Also in Korea, we have a reputation that tea of OHKURAEN is easy to drink. The tea has nice flavor and sweet taste. Due to increase of health-oriented, there are many visitors who have interest to Japanese green tea. They all admitted our green tea.  Thank you!