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OHKURAEN'S green tea in Fujisan Shizuoka Airport (2010/11/1)

Cheaper shopping than shopping at your country
Package design has good reputation
 OHKURAEN'S green tea products have been available at the air entrance of Shizuoka; Fujisan Shizuoka Airport. Fine green tea products in Shizuoka sold in U.S.A, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Mongolia are also available at Fujisan Shizuoka Airport. Tourists from East Asia like Japanese style package and take them home as a souvenior from Shizuoka.

2nd demo. at Tokyu Kichijoji in Tokyo finished, thank you!(2010/9/15)

See you on next time!
Thank you!
During this campaign, air seems to change from summer to autumn. Visitors favorite was changed to hot green tea from Reicha. This summer was cruelly heat. So, we welcome autumn air. Thank you for coming, people in Tokyo. Please take care of yourself and wait for next time campaign.

Demo in Tokyu Kichijoji will open again! (2010/9/9)

At food area of B1
There are also gift products.
 Demonstration of OHKURAEN green tea will be held from 9/9 to 9/15 at Tokyu Kichijoji in Tokyo, because demo. in July was well received.  Recent morning and evening air carries autumn atmosphere. You may feel hot tea is delicious. In those 7 days, you can try Kakegawa green tea. We are waiting for your coming.

Hong Kong International Tea Fair (2010/8/20)

At reception
Do you like cold green tea?
Yes, hot and cold both OK for green tea.
From 8/12 to 8/14, OHKURAEN participated Hong Kong International Tea Fair.
Hong Kong was very hot and humid like Japan. Heavy rain and fine sunny were came in turn in a day.
In that reason or not, visitors liked "Reicha Arare no Kaori" and "Reicha Sencha no Ajiwai" of cold water green tea.  They were surprised that cold brewed green tea has so good taste and aroma. Yes, in hot summer, try cold water green tea! You can really refresh!

One more squeeze to make cold brewed green tea

Heat summer is still going on in Japan. And you?
No wind makes us feel hotter.
When making cold green tea, how do you do?
If you only put Reicha tea bag in to the water, squeeze water absorbed tea bag once.
Then deep green colored and nicer taste green tea can be made.
Just try!