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Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019

Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019
Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019
This year, from July 24 to 27, we participated in Food & Hotel Indonesia 2019 held at International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta. In a land of everlasting summer, Indonesia, people are always friendly and smily-smily. We, Ohkuraen, served Micron Powder green tea and new product, Houjicha Micron Powder tea. They were all well-received. Easy making and genuine cold Japanese tea. Of course there were many visitors who love hot tea. Thank you so much!!

Surabaya Eastfood 2019

Surabaya Eastfood 2019
Surabaya EastFood 2019
Ohkuraen participted in Surabaya EastFood 2019 from June 20 to 23 at Grand City Convention in Surabaya, Indonesia. This is a big Exhibition of Bakery, Herbal & Health Food, Food & Hospitality and Food Ingredients held every year. We've participtaed this exhibition many times and noticed visitors have been increased year by year. It is because, we believe, green tea is tasty and healthy drink, so they love green tea! Thank you!

SIAL Interfood 2018

SIAL Interfood 2018
Exciting opening party
Green tea is good for your health. Right? Of course!
Ohkuraen booth
SIAL Interfood 2018
We participated SIAL Interfood 2018 at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. From Nov. 22. to 25, four days, we served new products, Spring harvested and Sumemr harvested Micron Powder Tea, which have been approved by Indonesian FDA. Including visitors who looked forward to buying our tea, many visitors came and bought both Micron Powder Tea. Thankfully, they were sold out only in the first two days. Our green tea are sold all over Indonesia. Please visit your nearest marketplace. Thank you for your love to our green tea!

Surabaya EastFood 2018

Welcome to Surabaya EastFood 2018!
Thank you for coming our booth
Many visitors are interested in our tea.
You know many nutrients included in green tea?
Surabaya EastFood 2018
We, Ohkuraen, participated in Surabaya EastFood 2018 at Grand City Convention. Surabaya is energetic city. The exhibition was held from July 26 to 29 for three days. As always, we served mainly cold green tea (Reicha Arare and Reicha Sencha) but also served Micron Powder Tea with hot water and had high reputation.  Sweet taste spring harvest green tea, a little bit bitter but healthy summer harvest green tea. Both teas were loved by visitors. We are happy to know that men and women, all are like our green tea. Thank you for Indonesian people!  

Stores in Singapore

   In Singapore, stores who sell Ohkuraen Deep Steamed Green Tea have increased:
Isetan:  Scotts
Isetan:  Jurong
NTUC: Bishhanjunction 8
NTUC: Thompson Plaza
At every store you can buy Ohkuraen Products of Deep Steamed Green Tea. Please come and you can meet Japanese taste in Singapore.
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